5 Common Myths About Custom Homes

Building a custom home that perfectly suits your needs, tastes and desires can present challenges, but when done right, your new custom home will make your life easier and more enjoyable every single day, well into the future.

There is nothing like the sense of pride that can come from designing your own home and sharing it with friends and family. If you have been hesitating, it’s likely due to one or more of the following myths.

Let’s get the mental hurdles of custom home building out of the way, so you can begin creating your dream home:

1. Myth: The Design Process is Overwhelmingly Complex

TRUTH: With the right, experienced home builder at your side, building your dream home is simple, exciting and fun. The key to success is finding a builder you’re comfortable with, who’s built enough custom homes to break down the steps for you and guide you through each part of the custom home design-build process. To make the right choice of builder, check business credentials, view past work and meet with the builder. Choose an experienced custom home designer and builder, who shows that they understand your ideas and enthusiastically support your vision. Select a builder who is approachable, with great communication skills. This builder can provide clear explanations of each phase of the custom build. This builder will be your partner and handle the heavy lifting, in order to bring your new custom home to life.

2. Myth: I’ve Got to Be an Architect, Artist, Designer and Craftsman

TRUTH: There’s no need to have these skills! Remember that you’re hiring a skilled design-build firm, whose team is educated, experienced and organized. At Miller’s Residential Creations, we’re trained to draw out the details of your vision, make you aware of options, and help you narrow down your options to create a final home design. Our skilled team of architects and home designers share your enthusiasm and we truly enjoy our work. All of our skill and creativity is focused on a single goal: helping you create a home that matches your ideal, on time and on budget. You set parameters telling us where we’re going. Then we create, and execute, the plan to get there. You provide your approval of the big picture design–and every detail along the way.

3. Myth: Custom Building is Only for the Wealthy

TRUTH: Skilled, creative builders can work with modest budget levels, helping you choose options that fit. Creating a new, custom home can be comparable in price to purchasing an existing house. However, buying an existing home means buying someone else’s idea of a great home, and adapting your lifestyle to it. In a custom build, you’ll know the quality of the materials used to build your home, and the skill level of the builder. When you buy an existing house, you are in the dark about many details. With a custom build, you can spend on your priorities, and save money on home design aspects that are not important to you personally. In addition, you can defray some custom home costs with a new-construction loan.

4. Myth: Home Builders Will Disappear on Me

TRUTH: Quality communication between custom home builder and buyer are crucial to a successful home design collaboration and build. Building a custom home is complex, but we, as your design-build firm, are organized and experienced. We’ll never confuse you with jargon or overwhelm you with a to-do list. We will break down every step for you, as the project goes forward. We are guided by your ideas and tastes, and we truly value your input on every decision. We make sure you’re always in the loop. At Miller’s Residential Creations, we stick with you through the whole building process, because your successful outcome is paramount for us.

5. Myth: Custom Homes Take Forever to Build

TRUTH: Although we can’t control Mother Nature, experienced builders can (and do) make every other part of the custom home design and build process effortless, low stress and fun for you. With our experience, listening skills, expert advice and technology, custom homes don’t take any longer to build than a generic home. Once a design plan is in place, building proceeds at a fast pace. Yes, there are many, many material and finish choices, but we work closely with you to ensure all selections are made with enough lead time to be ordered/installed without disrupting the project’s timeline.

The Happy Truth About Custom Home Building

TRUTH: Your design-build firm will make or break your custom home building experience and result. Creating the fantastic new house you’ve always dreamed of is exciting and fun, when you choose the right custom home builder, who makes it easy.

Learn how we can help you build your new custom home with ease. Let’s have an initial conversation with no stress and no obligation. Contact Miller’s Residential Creations today.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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