Concept to Completion: What to Expect When Building A Custom Home

Once you make the decision to build a custom home, you’re off on a journey that will be exciting and gratifying. When you choose an experienced, dedicated design-build firm like Miller’s Residential Creations, you can expect a highly organized home building process.

You’ll enjoy an expert-guided process that brings you the dream home that, for now, only exists in your mind’s eye. With our experienced team at your side from beginning to end, you’ll be involved in creating a beautiful custom home that is truly and uniquely yours.

Here is an outline of our process when working with you to create your custom home:

Conceptual Phase

  • Overview meeting: Your new custom home begins with–and will be inspired and guided by–your ideas, your vision, and your goals. Our team will listen closely to your concept for your custom home, and we’ll ask questions to reveal your preferences, helping us to visualize your goals and style.
  • Determining priorities and your budget: You can help us prioritize the details of your home design by classifying them as needs (must-haves), wants and wishes. We will help you put your ideas into words. (For instance, you may express that you want a green home. We’ll ask questions to reveal more detail on your eco-friendly goals.) Then we’ll translate your words and your vision, into building concepts and plans.
  • Site visit: If you already have the land/site where we will be building your home, we will visit the property with you. This will help to get an idea of the ideal placement of the home on the lot and more.

Design Phase

  • Building plan documentation: Based upon information gathered in the concepting phase, our design team will create a layout and building plan. This is the document which the construction team will reference when building your custom home. We will carefully review this documentation with you, making sure we’ve correctly captured the layout and floor plan, style, functional features and luxury amenities you truly want. Then we can make adjustments and tweaks to the building plan, as needed.
  • Colors and finishes: Our team will present finish options for your new home, and help you narrow down to exactly what you like. Everything interior and exterior detail will be noted. From paint color to siding, to countertops, flooring, fixture style and more. You’ll want to take into account details like whether each finish matches your style, whether it’s easy-care or requires maintenance (as some high-end or rare finishes do). We are here to guide you, every step of the way, toward your goal.

Once you approve the final plan, with finishes and other details, we draft the construction schedule—and move to home construction.

Construction Phase

Working from your approved custom home design, our construction team gets work! In general* we follow these steps:

  • Prepare the build site, which involves details like excavation and staking of the home’s exact size/dimensions, and location on the lot.
  • Foundation created and walls framed, etc. Now you can see your home’s basic structure coming together!
  • Roofing is installed.
  • Mechanicals are configured and installed. These are systems that support your home comfort, such as your heating and cooling (HVAC) system, plumbing pipes, ducts, drywall and more.
  • Flooring and painting come next, along with kitchen cabinet installation and decorative trim features throughout the home.
  • Appliances, lighting, and kitchen/bath fixtures are installed.
  • Outdoor hardscaping and landscaping completed.

*We’ve necessarily left out many details in this outline, of course, like insulation and much more. During actual construction, however, we’ll keep you involved (as in-depth as you want to be) and updated throughout the build process.

  • Superior craftsmanship: Our experienced team takes pride in creating the home you have always wanted, and in getting every detail right. We use the highest-quality, most durable and beautiful materials, along with specialized equipment and meticulous craftsmanship to build your new custom home.

The Final Step: Delivery of Your Completed Custom Home!

At this exciting time, keep in mind that we stand behind our work completely–and we are not satisfied until you are. We’ll do a detailed walk-through of your new home with you, creating a punch list of any tiny details that may remain, and handling those immediately. We’ll review product warranties and operational information with you.

All that’s left is to move in and enjoy!

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Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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