New Additions in Martinsburg, WV

One of the biggest indications that you need a home addition might be… that you’ve landed on our website. You’ve got a new room addition on your mind. You’d like an affordable, quality addition, created with your vision in mind. You don’t want to bust your budget or turn your home into a noisy, dirty construction site.

At Miller’s Residential Creations, we understand the needs of WV homeowners, having served the community for 14 years. We’ll build the new custom home addition you want, without the construction complications you don’t want.

Home Addition Ideas: Your Situation — Our Solutions

If you need more custom living space for any of the following reasons, we’re ready to help: 

  • Your mother-in-law is moving in: We’ll construct a private apartment with kitchenette, bath and separate entry.
  • Your son or daughter moved home after college: Let us add a new room above the garage, so you can keep your sewing room.
  • You’ve had a new addition to your family: Congratulations on your new nursery/baby bedroom.
  • You work at home: We’ll build you a dedicated home office; a quiet, professional work space with natural light.
  • You’re an artist: We’ll add a new craft room for to creative projects, with custom storage.
  • Your gym is too far away or too crowded: You need a home exercise room. Enjoy a nice view, high ceiling, plenty of elbow room and ventilation.
  • You’d like a secondary living area: We’ll add a den or family room.
  • You have a family room: We’ll add a formal living room.
  • You want rental income: Let us build a new bedroom addition with en-suite bath and private entrance.
  • Your home is older, and all the rooms are tiny: We’ll expand your living space with a new, large room addition that fits the style of your home.
  • Your collection or memorabilia is piled in the attic: We’ll create a suitable room to display it.
  • Your guest room is a fold-out sofa: We’ll upgrade your home with a real guest room.
  • You need your own space; man cave or a lady lair: We’ll build a rec room, with built-in shelving or a bar, plus multiple outlets for electronics or a mini fridge.
  • You’re a movie buff: It’s time to finish the basement as a home theater, or to add a media room with terrific acoustics.
  • Your bedroom is too close to the kids: We’ll add a master suite on the other side of the house.
  • You deserve a walk-in closet: Done!
  • Your home is missing a true master suite: We’ll create a bathroom adjoining your existing bedroom or build a whole new suite.
  • Your washing machine is in the kitchen: We’ll build you a real laundry room.
  • You stand in line for the bathroom: It’s time to construct an extra, spa-like bathroom or powder room.
  • Your home’s “open plan” layout is too open: We’ll add a real, separate dining room for dinner guests and family gatherings.
  • Your house is too small and back yard too big:  You need more square footage–we’ll provide more breathing room, with a custom room addition out back ASAP.
  • You want a higher selling price for your house: Let us add a bathroom or bedroom.

Why Choose Us for Your Custom Home Addition?

Our experience allows us to offer custom home solutions, so that your home addition meets your needs and fits your budget. We’re always excited to hear what type of addition you’re looking for, which gives us the opportunity to suggest the best ways to achieve it. What’s more, we take pride in efficient building practices that won’t disrupt your life and routines. Our craftsmanship is second to none and our quality construction will add value to your home.

Let’s Talk About Your Martinsburg Home Addition

We can’t wait to get started on a new, custom addition for your WV home. We’re also ready to answer questions or help you make plans. Get the space you need at home–and expand your living options with a new home addition. Contact Miller’s Residential Creations for your free consultation, today.