Luxury Additions You Absolutely Need for Your Custom Home

Luxurious home details are the hallmark of a custom-designed home. Items like gorgeous or rare finishes, fixtures, flooring, vanity and countertops, appliances, and built-in cabinetry almost go without saying in a luxury home. But there is much more.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your new custom-built home design:

Add luxury baths to pamper yourself and your guests. Every custom homeowner deserves a deluxe master bathroom that rivals the finest hotels. Multiple bathrooms are also luxurious and thoughtful amenities for family and guests in a large custom home. You can use a different color palette, or a different design theme altogether, in each one. Make one the modern, sleek and streamlined spa with elegant tile that’s a joy to walk on. In another bath, go vintage or Art Deco with a footed bathtub and antique telephone. At least one bath should have a fur rug and chandelier for sheer glamour.

Include a room-sized closet with custom cubbies. Due to its comfortable size, full length mirrored wall and custom shoe storage, this space can actually be called a dressing room. Display all seasons of your wardrobe conveniently on view for your sartorial enjoyment. It’s simple to keep things organized when your closet is designed around your specific needs. In fact, a well-designed closet (and kitchen) are almost like having attentive personal assistants on staff, because these rooms make life and daily tasks so simple and pleasant.

Fully equip your chef’s kitchen and include an outdoor kitchen. Your indoor kitchen is only complete when you have a large chef’s stove and double oven. Sleek, stainless steel appliances are still in this year and will never really go out of style. Another option for the fridge is to include a place for it in your custom kitchen cabinetry. We can create a set of cabinets that perfectly hides your refrigerator. Range hoods are another area where luxury has great impact. Hammered copper is lovely, especially if in the center of the kitchen over an island stove. Beautiful countertops also accent the luxury kitchen. Guests will be impressed and you’ll enjoy using them daily for food prep or simply for sitting and enjoying a casual lunch at the eating bar. For outdoors a stone pizza oven looks amazing and offers cooking options. Outfit the outdoor kitchen with a fridge, sink, and bar for full capability.

Remote control your home for the luxury of convenience and time saved. A new custom home, fitted with the latest technology, which can be controlled on-the-go from wherever you may travel, offers the luxury of peace of mind and excellent time management. Connect all your home infrastructure with wi-fi and you’re all set. You can have your home waiting for you, with the exact temperature and atmosphere you want, when you arrive at home. Control lighting, heating and cooling, security, a coffee maker, and more with your phone. You can even close your garage door, if you think you may have left it open, remotely. Check on pets and speak to them, view any area of your house, inside or out, anytime, with wi-fi connected cameras. (Of course, you can also have a professionally-monitored security system.)

Create a custom special-interest room. If film is your thing, a home theatre provides ultimate indulgence and luxury. Complete with comfortable, adjustable, arena-style seating, and maybe even a remote-controlled velvet curtain, your theatre can premier any film in style. Perhaps you need an art studio or a space outfitted to do sculpture, with a loft-like appearance and gigantic windows, plus specialized storage for your art supplies. If you’re a writer, you may want a dedicated, and private writing-studio–a separate small house in a remote area on your property. Complete it with a kitchenette, espresso station, and/or bath. Yoga or meditation rooms are deemed essential by some discriminating custom homeowners. Live your favorite sport daily with your own handball or tennis court–or even a home bowling alley in the basement. Create an awesome child’s play area with everything they need–or consider a custom treehouse. Create a workshop for carpentry, car customization, or other “maker” activities. Options are endless!

If you can dream it, we can build it. We can source the finest materials, rare finishes and gorgeous handmade tiles, stone flooring that is terrific to walk on. We can create the finest custom cabinetry built specifically to fit your kitchen space and suit your style. Many other options await.

Add a little (ok, a lot of) luxury to your life with a deluxe custom home that includes all the bells and whistles. Whether you reside in Berkeley County or Jefferson County, contact your trusted custom home builder, Miller’s Residential Creations in Martinsburg, WV, today!

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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