Outdoor Kitchen Design & Construction

All across the country homeowners are adding new outdoor entertainment space to their homes. Indoor/outdoor living, including an outdoor kitchen, helps you turn any family meal into an adventure, or throw together a deluxe BBQ with friends almost effortlessly, anytime. In effect, you’re adding incredibly useful square footage to your home, with no walls required. Your outdoor kitchen could even help improve your work/life balance. It gives you more options to spend quality time, have fun, eat well and bond with family and friends– all without leaving home. Today’s outdoor kitchens go much further, and bring you more value than the old-style backyard BBQ grill ever could.

Outdoor Appliances for Gourmet BBQs

Here are just a few suggestions to fully equip your outdoor kitchen: 

  • Outdoor refrigerator: When you’re cooking up gourmet meals in the open air, you’ll need to have your perishables nearby and keep beverages chilled.
  • Icemaker: Remember the days of running to the convenience store to buy extra bags of ice? No more.
  • Outdoor sink with pot filler: You may be cooking for a crowd outdoors, so convenience features will come in handy.
  • Pizza oven: A pizza oven expands your menu options for delicious outdoor meals and adds an attractive conversation piece to your outside cooking setup. Seasoned outdoor pizza chefs say that masonry ovens cook best, because they heat your pie using reflective, conductive and convection methods simultaneously.
  • Wood grill: The smell of an authentic wood-fired meal makes the outdoor eating experience even better. It may also beckon your neighbors from blocks around with a delicious-smelling invitation that’s hard to refuse.
  • Gas and charcoal grill: After all, it’s good to have options.
  • Beer keg or bar tap: One of these sleekly designed stainless steel cubes can make your outdoor dining area look even more upscale. It’s also a practical means of outdoor refreshment that goes perfectly with open-air meals. Have an ice cold draft to top off your back yard dining experience.
  • Full-fledged outdoor fireplace: When the evenings get cool, you can be cozy–even outdoors.
  • Prep counter space and flooring: We’ll help you select an attractive and practical stainless steel, stone or cement material for your outdoor kitchen counters.
  • Big screen: Movie nights can be better than ever when enjoyed outside.

Expanding Your Outdoor Kitchen Area

For your outdoor kitchen floor, choose safe and sturdy materials to make trip and fall accidents unlikely. Picture a stone bar, stainless countertop or cement-topped outdoor kitchen island, built around your appliances to define your outdoor cooking space, while allowing open-air interaction with guests. Imagine lighting integrated into the counter to frame your cooking zone with soft lighting. Additional outdoor lights, mounted on flexible poles above the counter and cooking space, ensure you can do food prep easily.

Adding an outdoor kitchen can go hand in hand with adding a deck, or expanding one you already have. You may opt for a screened porch or enclosed sunroom, ideal for relaxation near your outdoor kitchen. You can further improve your outdoor living space with attractive and practical hardscape features. Consider creating a patio dining area and custom fire pit in real or faux stone. You can also add attractive and practical pathways between your al fresco dining area and your pool or outdoor play areas. To take your comfort to the next level, you may also build a custom-designed pergola or shaded backyard garden area with a pond or fountain.

Local Experts in Outdoor Kitchen Design and Construction 

Outdoor living makes spending time at home like being on vacation, with no reservations ever needed. Let us help you create a stellar outdoor kitchen at your WV home. Our team can plan and build your outdoor kitchen to suit your needs, install appliances, and perform necessary electrical and natural gas connections, plumbing upgrades and more. Contact Miller’s Residential Creations and get started today.

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