Signs You’re Ready For A Custom-Built Home

If your best life includes a home that perfectly suits you, and generic houses just won’t do, you deserve a unique custom-built home. But are you really ready for new construction, and having a new custom home built, from the ground up? Here’s how to tell.

It’s time for your new custom home when:

  • You can’t find an existing home that you like. That’s because every home was built for someone else! Or it was built by a real estate developer with the “average homebuyer” in mind—of course there really is no average homebuyer. Average homebuyers are simply people willing to make a compromise in their lifestyle, and fit themselves into a not-quite-right home. If you are through with homes that don’t fit, you’re ready to go custom.
  • Your existing home doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Do you collect classic cars, keep horses, paint or sculpt? In a custom home you can have your multi-car garage and workshop, stables and/or art studio. You may also need a screening room or game room as well, and new construction makes it possible. 
  • Your home improvement, upgrade, remodel and fix-it list is super long. New bathrooms and kitchens are pricey, and it may make more sense (for your wallet and your sanity) to create a brand new custom build that you’ll love. When mere renovation won’t do, and there’s no room for a home addition, it’s time to start from scratch, and create your custom home.
  • Your home is overcrowded. This could mean limited space due to more family members, or more prized possessions, than you have space for.
  • You’re downsizing or empty nesting. Maybe you want to sell a too-large home and build a smaller new luxury home.
  • Your architectural tastes have changed over time. You’re no longer thrilled about your home, even though you once thought it ideal. Does your home feel dated? Is there a new type of architecture you would like to explore and build?
  • You’re moving to WV or want a second home here. The housing stock is limited in certain desirable spots in our area. Take this opportunity to get the house you really want with a new build.
  • You know just what you want. The more detailed your vision, the less likely you are to find it in a pre-constructed home! Why compromise on vital things like school district, lake view, mother-in-law suite, guest rooms, home size, layout and more? When you need to choose home design options on your terms, custom build is for you.
  • You’d like some luxury. Only a custom home will likely get you an eclectic list of amenities, like an infinity pool, sauna, and in-home bowling alley in your basement.
  • You crave brand new. Remember the magic of that new car smell? Would you like to have the even-greater feeling of excitement about a new custom-created home? Tired of the constant repairs needed in older homes? Do you want to be the first person ever to sleep in your master suite? Want to be the first to use your new kitchen and bath, with your carefully chosen finishes? All the memories made in this new home are yours exclusively. You’ll create the history of your custom home over time.
  • You’ve got the budget. You’ve arrived at a point in your career and life that you can afford the finer things. Even a first time home buyer can find it possible to build—it may not be as expensive as you are imagining. Construction loans can be a viable option. Although it typically costs more to build a custom home than to buy a used home, you may enjoy savings down the road. Utilities will be much cheaper in new construction, due to current energy-efficient construction standards and availability of “greener” building materials. Of course, home repairs and related expenses will be non-existent for years.

Choose a Capable, Creative and Dedicated Builder

The custom homebuilder you select will greatly affect your overall home-building experience and the outcome of your new home investment, so choose wisely. As innovative homebuilders in the WV area for more than 15 years, Miller’s Residential Creations can plan, design and build your dream home. We’ll make sure all your must-haves are included, and help you sort through options you may not be aware of. Share your vision with us and we’ll create your dream home.

Ready to build your ideal custom home? Getting started is so easy! Just call on the leading designer and homebuilder in WV. Contact Miller’s Residential Creations today.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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