Questions to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder

Selecting the best custom home builder for you ensures the best outcome: your ideal custom crafted home. You must have a significant amount of trust in the company you choose as your new home designer and/or builder. Here are some crucial questions to ask, to help you find a builder that will take most of the stress out of the your custom home-building project–and make building your new home a pure pleasure, with a stellar result.

What to Expect from a Top Home Builder in WV

When you take the time to choose your WV home builder carefully, the process of creating your new home will be rewarding, stress free and even fun. Since the home is being created just for you, your vision and needs will be reflected in every board, every nail and every bit of plaster. Your builder is someone you will be trusting, to advise you on the whole building project, and to manage it successfully to completion.

Your builder must be skilled at understanding your goals for your new home and translating the goals into a new home design and construction plan. Your builder must select the best method and materials to carry out your vision, and make sure you are clear on how your budget and project time will be spent. Once the planning is completed and the building project begins, your builder must be someone you trust to keep up communication with you with regular progress reports. A dedicated builder will always be available for any questions you may have, throughout your homebuilding project.

How to Find the Right Home Builder for Your Dream Home 

Your custom home builder will be an integral part of your life over the next several months, and you will live with (and in) the results of your homeowner/builder partnership with the ones you love. Given the crucial nature of your builder choice, here’s how to interview a prospective custom home builder:

  • How was this (example) home constructed? Look at your builder’s online portfolio and check out actual homes in person if you can. If you see features that you’re interested in adding to your hew home design, ask questions about them.
  • May I have references of your recent clients/home buyers? Be sure to check these references and ask questions about their home-building experience.
  • Who will supervise my building project and who will be my point person for questions?
  • May I see samples of a custom home building budget?
  • May I see a sample construction schedule with timeline and milestones?
  • How are change orders handled, if I make requests during the project? Asking about these processes will help you understand how organized the construction company is.
  • Does the builder offer a warranty on their work?
  • Will the builder choose materials that carry a long warranty?
  • What is your price quote or estimate?
  • How long will this building project take?
  • What is the scope of the project? Does the total price include landscaping, for example?
  • You should feel comfortable asking a potential home builder every question that you think is important. Add your own questions to this list!

Evaluating Your Prospective Home Builder

Asking these questions should elicit long answers and detailed responses–and an enlightening conversation with your builder. This builder consultation or interview will help you gauge how your builder communicates and how passionate s/he is about their work. Evaluate how your builder explains project features. Does he use lots of construction jargon, without explaining in plain English? Does the builder seem impatient? Or does he or she seem interested in knowing more about your project and your goals for your custom home? After checking state licensure, insurance and references, your gut feeling about your future builder relationship must come into play. Choose the builder you trust.

Get to Know Your Dedicated, Experienced WV Custom Home Builder

Creating a brand new custom home to suit your personal needs and tastes is a gratifying, sometimes life-changing, project. As such, your new home is a significant investment, not only of money, but of time and of your creativity, vision and plans for the future. You owe it to yourself to choose your builder carefully so that the entire homebuilding experience is a great one–in order to get the outcome you desire, your lovely new home.

At Miller’s Residential Creations, we are dedicated to building custom homes, and performing quality renovations and additions. Building homes is our calling and we never compromise on quality or customer satisfaction. Contact us for your free consultation today.

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