Budgeting for Kitchen Remodeling: Your Priorities

Although a kitchen remodel can improve your everyday quality of life, and it represents a great investment that can increase your home value, budgetary concerns may keep you from going all out. With a little strategy and prioritization, you can get an amazing new kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are some hints to help guide you.

If you can avoid creating change orders after the project begins, you’ll save time and money. Create your priority list and get estimates for the top items, so that you’re sure what can really fit in your budget. (Still, be sure to prepare for the unexpected. Keep a cushion of time and set aside 10 percent of your budget, just in case.) Tell your contractor about your long and short-term plans for your WV home, and you’ll get expert help with prioritization.

Identify Needs vs. Wants

Your new kitchen should solve your biggest problems with your old kitchen. Eliminating the issues that cause daily headaches and stress in your kitchen are the most worthwhile. Finding solutions for these issues is key to a successful remodel, as is increasing home value and working in logical order. (Remember, these priorities are general, and may not match your situation. Get personalized help from your design/build contractor.)

First and foremost, here are some crucial kitchen updates to begin your remodel:

  • Layout: Until you have a workable floor plan, you’ll continue to hate your kitchen. If you need changes here, that’s the place to begin. You may need to tear out walls for better sight lines into the dining or living areas. You may need an island for additional prep space and casual dining. Open up the kitchen to increase functionality.
  • Infrastructure: Make needed repairs before adding luxe accents. If your home has framing issues, subfloor problems and/or plumbing improvements, new appliances and high-end finishes won’t help.
  • Cabinets: Invest in quality construction to increase home value, improve usability, and get a healthy warranty. Choose cabinets that reach the ceiling, because storage never goes out of fashion.
  • Countertops: You’ll enjoy the look and feel of quality countertops daily, and they’re super-noticeable to help attract homebuyers–if selling is in your current plans. This will be money well spent.

What Can Wait:

  • Backsplash: Paint the walls between cabinets and counter for now, with an easy clean paint, while you save for your future high-end backsplash.
  • High-end light fixtures: Shop on the low end and add embellishments like luxury lighting later, when you can.
  • Appliances: Wait if yours are functional–unless the envisioned new appliances will have a significantly different footprint. (Hint: keeping the same footprint will save you money.)

Consider Working in Phases

If you can’t afford to make every kitchen improvement you need right now, concentrate on the changes that will make the most impact. Work from the top of your prioritized list and gradually create your perfect kitchen. If you plan on staying in your home long term, this is an excellent strategy.

Work with an Expert Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in WV

A kitchen remodel is a high ticket item, but it’s well worthwhile if done properly. A skilled and experienced local contractor will listen to your family needs and future plans to help you redesign your kitchen. The best contractors know the keys to great, functional kitchen design that is built to last. Work with a trusted remodeler, who understands both design and construction, and is dedicated to helping you create your ideal kitchen within your budget.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

For kitchen design that reflects your style and makes daily life simpler and more enjoyable, count on the premier kitchen remodeling contractor in WV. We can help you work out the priorities that make sense for your current situation and future plans. Contact Miller’s Residential Creations and take the first step to your new kitchen. Call us today.

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