Fresh Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Zillow released a survey in December 2013 revealing that homeowners planned to focus on kitchens and the adjacent dining spaces in 2014. Practical improvements such as kid-friendly surfaces were also on the agenda. Interior designers who were questioned expected the open kitchen design to be one of the biggest kitchen remodeling trends in 2014. Since the 1990s, open kitchens have been popular, and 2015 will not be an exception, but there are other emerging trends.

New kitchen trends generally continue to be about making the kitchen part of the living area of the home, and making its space more attractive, functional, and comfortable. Our aging population has also influenced the need to make kitchens more suitable for changing family dynamics, such as universal design features for multigenerational homes.

New Features in the Open Kitchen Trend

Changing kitchen appliance size and layouts allows more family-friendly flexibility in kitchens. Kitchen areas are being divided into different activity zones to suit homeowner lifestyles. Additional preparation space, fewer appliances and cabinets, and secondary dishwashers are becoming part of the personalized and customization-friendly spatial plan.

Furniture-style cabinetry and an extra-large and deep sink to hide dirty dishes and pans complement the evolution of the kitchen as a hub of family activities inside the home. However, for people who prefer privacy for food prep and cooking, a small prep kitchen area on the side is an option.

Other options to maintain some privacy include adding a pass-through window or pocket or folding doors between the kitchen and the living area, a peninsula with a raised bar or eating counter that blocks views of the food prep area, or a half wall (with or without a glass partition).

Universal Design Features for the Kitchen

Universal design features, also described as aging in place or design for all, are worth considering for families with aging or disabled members. Simple universal design features include glass-front cabinetry, pullout shelves, and large D-shaped handles. Installing a microwave in an island base, elevating the dishwasher, and varying counter heights, including a recessed niche beneath the sink and cooking range for wheelchair users, are friendly choices.

Modern Traditional Style Kitchen Design

If you do not like the idea of an ultra-modern kitchen, the new modern traditional trend may be more to your liking. Kitchens with traditional features such as shaker doors are a new trend.

Open Shelving as a Practical Solution

Open shelving is a practical option for anyone interested in personalizing storage space, while maintaining functionality and ease of use. Mixing open shelves with cabinets allows homeowners the flexibility of hiding things they prefer to keep hidden.

Use of Good Quality Kid-Friendly Synthetic Materials

Natural granite that damages easily is losing favor in families with children. According to interior designers, families prefer appealing and durable synthetic materials. Popular synthetic materials are resistant to damage, and are offered in a range of colors and thicknesses that improve their appeal for homeowners.

Favoring Lighter Flooring Choices over Dark Floors

As dark floors make surface imperfections and dirt more visible, lighter-colored flooring is becoming more popular. Some parents prefer the more practical alternative of laminate flooring, as active kids scratch floors.

Fresh ideas for improving kitchen spaces add more flexibility. You can become creative and make your kitchen remodeling plan fit your family’s lifestyle and your preferences. New trends provide many options to create your dream kitchen.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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