Form or Function? What’s More Important in New Home Construction

In the design of any quality item, form and function are intertwined. In custom home design, these elements depend upon one another to create a successful home design, from which we build a beautiful, comfortable and user-friendly home, and one that is a joy to use and to live in. We create custom homes that you’ll love to look at–but you’ll also love to live in.

Does Form Always Follow Function?

The statement “form follows function” has been attributed to several different architects, including the design genius Frank Lloyd Wright. In fact, it was an early Chicago employer of Wright, early skyscraper architect Louis Sullivan, who introduced the concept and the famous quote. Sullivan’s pragmatic designs were constructed of steel were grounded in the idea of “form follows function.” However, this popular quote is not strictly true–and it probably was not meant to be applied universally, to everything. There are times, like in classical sculpture, when form/beauty is the dominant feature. Form is at least equally important to function of the statue–if its function is to tell a story, it can’t achieve this–unless it is also attractive and eye-catching, so that viewers take notice.

With a custom home, both form and function are crucial elements. Your custom home should reflect the best of both (form and function). All fine architecture is a balance of form and function. Your custom home should feature beautiful, timeless design with state-of-the-art, practical features, in a seamless blending of stunning form and superb function. This balance is what will make your custom home a joy to live in.

What is Stunning Form in Custom Home Design and Construction?

In a custom-designed and built home, every element is a pleasure to look at. Each component in the home perfectly suits the taste of the client/homeowner. Walking through the completed home should make you smile. You should feel a sense of pride when you invite guests for a tour of your custom-crafted abode, built around your unique creative vision. You’ll enjoy taking family portraits there and hosting celebrations there. You’ll enjoy relaxing there and making memories there. That’s what a custom home is all about.

What is Superb Function in a Custom Home?

Function means everything works smoothly and helps you live a trouble-free existence in your home. As expert home builders, our team takes pride is constructing a home that is streamlined and self-contained. We create homes that make life comfortable. The home should make your life easier and support all the things you need to accomplish in your daily life. That’s (also) what a custom home is all about.

Form or Function? Why Choose, When You Can Have It All?

Miller’s Residential Creations builds custom homes that you’ll love to look at–but you’ll also love to live in. We create homes that are supremely functional, to support the demands of your everyday life. We also pay careful attention to beauty, superior craftsmanship and style, because your custom home must offer you an elegant lifestyle and reflect your unique tastes.

If the form (shape, size or style) does not please you, but the thing works fine–that’s a compromise. That’s not acceptable in a custom home by Miller’s Residential Creations. If the form is beautiful, but the function clunky, you’ll endure daily frustration dealing with your home’s faults. No one needs that! That’s why we build homes where every element both works flawlessly and provides an elegantly comfortable environment for you and your family. At Miller’s Residential Creations, we excel at balancing form and function, so that you get the best of both in every home we build. You deserve nothing less, so contact us today.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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