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Curb Appeal: Six Types of Home Siding

Does your home look drab, outdated, or rather unsightly? Well, it might surprise you to learn that there are many economical siding options out there that can make your home look gorgeous. Now you can have a home that looks like it was built from fine stone or wood without the hassle of demolishing your current residence. Siding has come a long way from the dark ages of aluminum or wood slats. It now comes in a myriad of different relatively inexpensive materials designed to make your home look top-rate.

Vinyl Siding is Inexpensive

We need to face facts with this one. Some of us are just going to opt for the cheapest option available, and vinyl siding is that option. However, vinyl siding comes in many different styles and colors these days. The best part is that many people are capable of putting on vinyl siding themselves. All it really takes is a pair of scissors, a steady hand, and a lot of time to spare getting things right.

Wood Siding Can Give a Rustic Feel

Wood siding can give your house that rustic, old-world cottage appearance that you have always craved. Beautiful woods like western red cedar and redwood are considered to be some of the best all-around choices. While not terribly expensive, beauty comes with a price. This type of siding is very susceptible to damage from insects and the elements. For a project like this, it is best to hire a remodeling contractor, such as Miller’s Residential Creations at MRC is in the Martinsburg, WV area.

Brick Siding is Long-Lasting

Brick siding is made from real bricks, and is one of the costlier varieties of siding to install. However, it makes your house look absolutely gorgeous. At last, you can have the brick house that you always wanted without having to rebuild. While thin, brick siding is real brick, so it provides great protection and lasts a very, very long time.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is similar to brick siding in that it is basically layers of thin cement attached to the outside of your house. It naturally gives your house a polished appearance, but it has the tendency to look like run-of-the-mill siding from a distance. The cost is similar to brick siding, but generally speaking, brick siding often looks more realistic. If you desire to make your house look as though it is built out of something else, be careful when going with fiber cement sidings.

Stone Siding Can Give a Sturdy Appearance

If you are on a mission to make your house look as though it was built like a castle, stone siding may work out well for you. It usually consists of layers of exterior stonework that give walls a medieval, castle-like appearance. This type of siding is notoriously difficult to install properly, but lightweight and cheaper stone siding materials have been coming out lately. Likely due to the incredible popularity of this type of siding, it can be the most expensive to install. After all, everyone should want to live in a small castle.

If you want to change the outside appearance of your house, siding is the first step. It can improve both the look and durability of your home.

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