Bathroom Remodeling: Luxurious Shower Features

With innovative new features, you can create a shower that does double duty. Your shower can–and should–be an oasis of calm and relaxation, and also a convenient, feature filled place to get energized for a busy day. Consider our list of the latest shower upgrades and new design elements when re-designing your shower or adding a new bathroom to your home:

Rainfall showerhead: These large, typically circular or square, showerheads can be placed in the shower ceiling for a true rain effect, or angled out from high on the shower wall. Choose from a light spring shower to a true downpour, depending upon your mood.

Handhelds: Convenient handheld showerheads make it easy to rinse those hard-to-reach spots. You can combine a handheld with a rainfall or other type of exotic showerhead—for more options.

Body sprays: This type of shower setup includes several multi-directional spray heads (or jets) embedded in the shower walls. This configuration sends water spaying straight out from the shower wall(s) at various heights and angles, and it can feel like a full body massage. You can control these shower jets separately, so you can have a conventional shower from a single overhead showerhead if you like.

Dual showerheads: This is terrific solution for those times when you need to get ready at the same time as your significant other, and you each prefer different types of shower spray or water temperature.

Curbless shower: Especially when combined with a clear glass enclosure, this walk-in design really shows off your bathroom flooring, and makes your shower and room look spacious, grand and elegant. The curbless design creates a seamless, continuous surface across the bathroom and shower floors. Beyond its beauty, this design makes entry easy for all generations of the family. Never fear, the shower floor is designed with a barely perceptible slant, keeping water inside the enclosure for proper drainage.

Pebbled floor: One of the newest popular shower floor finishes consists of smooth, naturally shaped stones set in a free-form manner with coordinating or contrasting grout. This surface feels great to stand on and can provide better traction in the shower than typical tiled flooring.

Built in bench: Have a built-in bench placed along one side (or all sides) of your new shower, or place it in a corner, where its will be handy for leg shaving and more.

Inset shelves: We can incorporate convenient shower shelves, ledges or alcoves, as part of the wall/tile design. Integrated shelving creates a bespoke appearance and is also much easier to keep clean than any type of added shower shelf. Also, you’re not likely to knock the shampoo bottle onto the floor, when reaching for it on a built in, set-in shelf.

Steam setting: Turn your shower into a steam room with this feature.

Towel warmer: Popular for a long while in Europe, these look like a towel rod with multiple rungs (or like a small wall-mounted ladder), often in brushed steel or chrome. This feature ensures your towel feels extra nice when you wrap up and dry off after your shower. It can also help your towel dry quickly after use. (These are typically outside the shower, unless you have a very large or long shower space.)

Outdoor shower: For the summer months, showering under the sun in an open-roofed shower provides an exotic option. We can construct an outside shower for a vacation-like shower experience.

Skylight in the shower: Add a skylight to your shower, because more natural light almost anywhere in the home is a good thing.

Let us create your dream shower using the above options–or ideas straight from your imagination! Contact Miller’s Residential Creations today.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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