5 Luxurious Bathroom Features You Never Knew You Needed

With a few deluxe features, you can make your bathroom feel like a high-end spa getaway in an elegant hotel. Consider:

  1. Mood lighting: Any bathroom looks brighter and fresher with an expansive window over the tub or elsewhere. Enjoy the view and natural light while you bathe, and take a mental vacation anytime. Install a skylight in your bathroom to enjoy bright sunlight from a different angle. You can even place a skylight in the shower, so you can shower seemingly al-fresco, under sun or stars. Add an elegant or romantic element to your bath with embellished lighting. Select a vintage crystal-beaded chandelier, or use more modern lighting fixtures with clean lines over your vanity mirrors, to illuminate your bathroom in style. Choose vanity mirrors (or one large mirror over both sinks) in unique shapes or place in an eye-catching frame. Add dramatic, floor-to-ceiling mirrors to reflect light, make the room seem enormous and elegant, and make getting ready for your day easier.
  2. Warm and relaxing elements: Radiant floor heating feels amazing in any part of the home, but it’s especially luxurious in the bath. (You can use radiant heating pads beneath the floor tiles if you don’t have an existing floor heating system.) Turn your bath into a cozy, opulent place to relax and unwind with a fireplace. Add a plush lounging chair, fainting couch and/or ottoman, where you can settle in front of the fireplace, with a good book, after your bath. With a flat screen in your bathroom, there’s no need to miss the TV soaps while you soak. Get the days news while you prepare for (or wind down from) your busy day. Add a towel warmer–this feature makes luxurious towels feel even better than they otherwise would, after you step out of the shower or bath.
  3. Artistic fixtures and finishes: Choose faucets and bath hardware that look like works of art, in shapes that might feel at home in a museum. Graceful bathroom fixtures in a unique darker finish (like rustic bronze, oiled-rubbed bronze or matte satin brass), can make washing your hands or soaking in your tub much more luxurious. Use other custom finishes around your bathroom, like stone shower tile that invites touch, deluxe marble flooring that feels rich under your bare feet, and vanity countertops that successfully show off a beautiful slab of granite. For the floor or shower walls, choose high-end tiles in a herringbone pattern or an intricate custom design that shows impeccable craftsmanship. (Stone shower tiles and granite counters may require some extra upkeep in exchange for the spa-like feel. They must be sealed regularly, according to manufacturer instructions.)
  4. Unique sink shape and material: Add a bit of magic to your bathroom space with a wall-mounted sink. These sinks have a modern look and appear supported, with no pedestal at all. Or try a vessel sink that looks like a bowl sitting atop the bathroom countertop. You could go with traditional porcelain and let the vessel’s shape grab all the attention. Or select a unique color or material for the bowl, such as blue or green tempered glass, black granite, or metal, such as copper. Sink basin shapes can include round, square, rectangular, oval and more. Gaining popularity is the wide yet shallow, “wading pool” bathroom sink. Taking a cue from the kitchen, farmhouse or apron sinks can work in the bath as well. You can also choose a furniture-style vanity, made from (or make to look like) a bedroom dresser from any era you like.
  5. Innovative layouts: A wet room style bathroom can create a stunning visual effect and/or be practical in small spaces. In this layout, the entire bathroom or a large part of it (the tub and shower area combined, for example) is designed to be wet. The shower area is not enclosed and there is no shower tray or boundary, so the walls and floor of the entire space are completely tiled and waterproof. Not quite so exotic, is the walk-through bathroom with closet/dressing room attached. Some homeowners are placing the sink/vanity area open to (or just off of) the master bedroom, with a separate “water closet” room containing a toilet only, and the shower/tub further on.

The possibilities are nearly endless. If you can dream it, we can construct it. Contact Miller’s Residential Creations to discuss your bathroom update, addition or re-design today.

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