The Ultimate Guide to Building a Luxurious Kitchen

The hallmarks of luxury kitchen designs include expert space planning services, the highest-quality materials, custom designs for cabinets and countertops, the latest technology and appliances, proper task lights, and decorative lighting, with all details adding up to spectacular kitchen design. A new luxury custom kitchen should be functional at the highest level, making your life easy and your cooking effortless. Your new custom kitchen should also delight you whenever you walk into it and impress your most discerning guests.

Crucial Kitchen Space Planning and Layout

Your luxury kitchen remodel begins here–with thinking about how you’ll use your kitchen. If you’re a serious gourmet cook, or if you have one, the kitchen must not only look amazing, but also function perfectly. Everything must fit the space exactly, integrating seamlessly–both physically and visually. The look of the kitchen should be compatible with the overall architecture and design aesthetic of your home, while still being special–and simply stunning.

The floorplan of your kitchen should make it easy to prepare food, and eat at least some casual meals and snacks. You may also expect the space to be conducive to relaxing and socializing. An open kitchen design shows off your luxe kitchen to its fullest. Tell your WV kitchen designer how you like to use your kitchen, to get the ideal layout.

Major Luxurious Kitchen Elements to Consider

Large Central Island

The island can not only show off your choice of luxury countertop, but also provide an eating or gathering spot plus a food-prep space. The island will typically have well-designed storage cabinets which may (or may not) be the same color and finish of the custom wall cabinets. The island could also include a secondary sink with disposal if you find that useful.

Luxury Kitchen Backsplash

Your designer backsplash will help define the kitchen work area, unite the style of the cabinets and center below, and add a unique elegance to the kitchen’s look and feel.

Spectacular Countertops

Stunning surfaces are a keystone of the luxury custom kitchen. Your island and/or kitchen countertops may be made from a single slab of polished granite. High-end Calacatta marble is another stunning option–and this variety stands up to stains better than other marble types. Consider these options and your builder can advise you on care and maintenance requirements, etc., to help you make your decision:

  • Tile
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Exotic, highly polished wood
  • Recycled glass
  • Concrete
  • Stainless steel
  • And more

Luxury Kitchen Sinks

You can really have fun choosing this detail, as there are a world of options in sink material, finish, shape, color, size, and faucet styles. The sink can be set in the counter or extending beyond the front edge. The dual farmhouse sink is a popular option, with plenty of characteristics you can choose from, to make yours distinctive. Select ceramic, stainless steel or something more unusual, and consider a motion-activated tap, which is convenient and sanitary. You can hark back to another era with your sink, be thoroughly modern or even futuristic. You could also add a convenient pot-filler faucet near the cooktop.

Range Hood Options Galore

This is another blockbuster kitchen feature that can create a dramatic focal point over your cooktop. The endless options include copper, wood-finished metal, and much more, to achieve an industrial steam-era look, a sleek modern style, something more traditional, or an ornate appearance. The size, shape, and vent hood materials you select can make your custom one-of-a-kind kitchen truly your own. You could also opt for hidden ventilation for a minimalist aesthetic.

Multipurpose Kitchen Lighting Design

Your kitchen can have many functional areas dedicated to cooking, grilling, baking, gourmet coffee, smoothies, and much more. Task lighting should be placed to make working easy. In addition, you’ll need ambiance lighting that creates the overall atmosphere of your kitchen. You can select from a myriad of pendant options, a statement chandelier, a sleek mid-century ceiling light, inset can lights, spotlights, and much more. You could feature your stunning appliances with lighting, or have them concealed by your custom cabinetry.

The Spectacular Custom Ceiling

Ceilings are becoming part of kitchen design these days, with everything from moldings, a variety of dramatic or elegant tray ceilings, or even a stamped tin or copper ceiling. You can add these design touches to your “fifth wall” or keep it sleek and modern by requesting a simple coat of paint. If your kitchen already has several other focal points, the minimal ceiling may be the ideal choice. It’s all about your design priorities, combined with a strong sense of harmony and balance.

Dramatic Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen floor should feel great, and even luxurious, to walk on–but, of course. The floor can also be one of the stars of the show in your kitchen, appearance- and ambiance-wise. Luxury kitchen flooring can be anything from exotic woods to a one-of-a-kind, handpainted tile style. The tile floor can become especially unique when you factor in a well-designed tile layout, from herringbone to a custom-patterned layout. Get together with your WV design-build firm and consider your options.

Custom-Designed Cabinetry

Custom kitchen cabinets are perhaps the ultimate feature of a luxury kitchen. The custom aspect means they’ll be high quality, exquisitely crafted, smoothly functional, and will perfectly fit your wall and under-counter space. You could choose a unified color palette or select different finishes for top and bottom (under-counter) cabinets. Cabinets reaching to the ceiling have a special visual appeal. You may prefer a mix of distressed woods, classically elegant polished wood cabinets, or even a brightly-colored engineered material for sleek cabinets that pop. Cabinet hardware can be chosen to emphasize the overall luxury kitchen style you’re creating.

Why Choose Miller’s Residential Creations for Your New Luxury Kitchen?

As the premier luxury kitchen design company and custom builder in WV, Miller’s Residential Creations is here to help you understand your many options and help you choose the best elements for your luxury kitchen remodel. Once the design and layout are approved and in place, we’ll build your new custom kitchen in a well-managed, organized, and efficient project—for a stellar result. Contact us today to get started on your stunning kitchen.

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