Steps of Construction for a Kitchen Remodel

If properly planned and constructed, a kitchen remodel represents a great investment, both now and in future. Remodeling your kitchen can give you an attractive, updated design that your family will enjoy using daily. Should you decide to sell, the impressive design, meticulous construction and high-end surfaces can mean a quicker sale, higher home value, or both.

Kitchen Design and Layout

This pre-construction phase guides the rest of the process and is part of the service that we provide at Miller’s Residential Creations. Since your family spends lots of quality time in the kitchen, and it may even be the heart of your home, you’ll want a stunning design that is also incredibly functional. Whether you would like a few in or updates or an entirely new kitchen space, the team at Miller Custom Creations can help you re-imagine your kitchen. Your new kitchen design should:

  • Solve the shortcomings of your current kitchen.
  • Suit your daily needs. Moving around your new kitchen should be easy, so that cooking and other daily tasks go smoothly.
  • Reflect elements of your personal style and the style of your home, while incorporating modern features and your choice of available upgrades.
  • Provide sufficient cabinet storage space, and/or a cook’s pantry.
  • If requested, create an open kitchen layout, removing non-load bearing walls if necessary.
  • If requested, include/add a large countertop and/or island working area. The island could also house the kitchen sink or stovetop, with space to serve casual meals at the proper height for stools. Your kitchen island or peninsula can also serve as a family gathering spot for eating (or preparing food) together.
  • Pay special attention to design of the path between sink, stove and refrigerator–the basic triangle that makes for a convenient, efficient kitchen.
  • Include appliances, cabinets, backsplash, sink, countertops, lighting and flooring materials with your choice of appearance and feature options. (Based on your desires and family needs, we can curate a selection of the most appropriate cabinets, flooring and other kitchen elements for your consideration, and provide product details to help you make the best choice for your kitchen remodel.)
  • Be easy to care for and built to last.

If you come to us with already-completed design drawings, we may begin our portion of the project with the construction phases. Our team is flexible, ready to provide only services that you need and request. We have experts in every phase of design and construction for remodeling projects and to complete new custom home builds.

Kitchen Remodeling Construction Phases

Our projects proceed in roughly the following order: 

Construction Drawings (CDs): Based on the final outcome from the kitchen design phase (above).

Permits: Obtained as needed, depending upon the scope of kitchen remodeling work planned.

Ordering Materials: Orders are placed for kitchen surface materials and appliances.

Demo: For a full kitchen remodel, this can include removal of everything from existing kitchen, including cabinet doors and boxes, appliances, flooring and even walls (if you’re enlarging the kitchen or moving to an open layout).

New Wall Framing: If needed.

Electrical and Plumbing: Repairs or upgrades must be done if deficiencies are found in the pipes or home wiring, if appliances are being relocated or if smart-home features are being added, for example. Building inspection may be needed if extensive work has been done to ensure code compliance.

Drywall, Insulation and Flooring Installation

Cabinet and Countertop Installation

Finishes:New fixtures and faucets, backsplash, floor finishing, and painting

Appliance installation


Our team of talented kitchen designers and skilled craftsmen are ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. At Miller’s Residential Creations, all construction projects and remodels are managed with meticulous care, so that work is completed on time and on budget, to your complete satisfaction. Contact us to learn more today.

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