Looking Forward: Remodeling Trends of 2019

Are you looking to remodel your home for a fresh look and feel in 2019? Are you renovating or remodeling to sell your home this year? Either way, let our top remodeling trends inspire you to create the ideal household remodel.

Remodel to reflect your values: Sustainability has been a watchword throughout most industries in recent years. Incorporate some re-used, repurposed or recycled elements into your home remodel. For instance: use reclaimed wood for basement rec room cabinets and/or recycled glass for your table or countertop. Not only will your home look good, it will show off your creativity–and give you an interesting narrative when discussing your choices with friends or posting remodel photos on your social media.

Incorporate natural materials: Natural light has long been recognized as a positive design element, making a home (and residents) healthier and happier. The same can be said of using natural wood, indoor plants or just painting an accent wall green–or use Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, Living Coral. There’s even a trending term for this type of design: biophelic design. You can go as far as you like with this trend, which ties in well with the sustainable home remodeling trend. Natural materials also provide a nice contrast to our otherwise high-tech daily lives.

Moving on from Mid-Century Modern: This classic design model has been “in” since the 50s. Make 2019 the year to evolve, with some curved lines and bright primary colors or deep jewel tones in your decor. Uncrowded, clean lines are still a trend (making rooms look larger and creating a relaxing hygge* design vibe) but you can liven this up with new furniture patterns and silhouettes.

Kitchen-specifics: Kitchens are one of the more popular remodels, of course, since this is where family often spends the most time, and a clever investment here can help sell a home. Consider wooden countertops to add warmth, (although more care will be required). For a new look, try painted cabinets in deep blues, like PPG paints Night Watch color pick for 2019, or go for dramatic black cabinets (perhaps with stunning copper hardware). Mismatched-color upper and lower cabinetry is also great for the coming year–or use open shelving, especially in place of upper cabinets. Go beyond the farmhouse sink with a statement sink in unexpected material and size.

Kitchen appliances, seating and floors: Vintage banquette seating is new again–and a great way to visually enlarge the room, while adding a unique element that could increase home value. Add excitement to your kitchen remodel with geometric-patterned tile flooring (or patterned rugs) for a lively visual, instead of a wood or single-toned tile floor. Extend your backsplash up to the ceiling, especially over the sink. Consider adding a high-style cooktop and/or eye-catching, artistically-inspired range hood, perhaps in curved glass or sleek metal.

Spa baths with opulent details:  Let your remodeled bath be your sanctuary for 2019 and forever. Make even a small bathroom grand with luxurious finishes. Try bright geometric wallpaper–or cover walls and floors with the same tile, continuing into the shower, for a spa-like, seamless look. Consider terrazzo tile in place of porcelain. Use open storage shelves and ledges, and/or extend shelving or cabinets up to the ceiling. Oval or uniquely shaped freestanding tubs add a European element and show off floor tile. Use overly large and uniquely shaped (or framed) bathroom vanity mirror(s) to make a unique statement. Add fresh hardware in brushed gold, brushed brass, copper or black.

At Miller’s Residential Creations, we’re ready to remodel your home to perfectly match your vision for 2019 and beyond, incorporating remodeling trends that match your style. Contact us for your free consultation and estimate today.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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