How to Reduce Stress During a Remodel

It’s no secret. A home renovation is enough to leave most of us more than a little stressed. We imagine having to cook in a kitchen with no cabinets or serve dinner to our family in a room that looks like a war zone. Most of us don’t look forward to this kind of chaos. Fortunately, a home renovation is not the end of the world. Most of us pleasantly kook forward to a more functional and attractive home as a result. Plus, there are things that we can do to diminish the stress and make the whole process more manageable.

Set a Realistic Budget

A great deal of stress is born out of unrealistic expectations when it comes to the cost of a remodel. Make sure you do your homework and have a realistic idea of how much it will cost to renovate your home. However, it’sd even more important that you can afford the cost. There are many things that should be considered when it comes to calculating the cost. In fact, your budget should realistically include:

  • Labor Costs
  • The Size of the Space to be Remodeled
  • The Cost of Materials
  • Unforeseen Problems

These are all factors that make up the cost of any renovation, including unforeseen complications. This is why any estimate that you receive from a contractor must include all of these variables.

Hire an Experienced Contractor

Handy individuals may be able to successfully tackle a home renovation. However, if the remodel is extensive like most kitchen and bathroom remodels tend to be, it’s best that you hire an experienced professional. A contractor who has a lot of experience will know what to look for and the best way to go about achieving the best remodel based on your particular situation. Take your time with this part of the renovation process. Get at least three bids before you decide on one. Plus, it’s a good idea to talk to friends and family members to get referrals. Word of mouth is powerful and is often a good way to find a good contractor. You can also go a step further by contacting the BBB to make sure that any contractor you ate considering hiring hasn’t had problems in the past.

Prepare You Home and Everyone in Your Household

Preparation for any change in your routine can go a long way when it comes to avoiding stress. Renovations can get diety and feel pretty chaotic. This is why it’s a good idea to get clear on what will be involved in your renovation. If you are having your kitchen remodeled and the changes will be extensive, you may consider taking a family vacation or planning other daily activities that will keep your family away from your home during the time that renovation will be going on. Move items that could be broken or damaged and let your family know what to expect. Believe it or not, if you know what your renovation will entail, it will be a lot easier to make adjustments to your routine that will help you to eliminate unnecessary stress.

There’s no question; A home renovation is no walk in the park. However, there are many things that you can do to make the process a lot more palatable. The more information you gather regarding the cost, the type of work that will be performed, and the company that will be performing the work, the more stress-free the renovation will be. Plus, this information will help you to prepare your home and your family for the whole remodeling process.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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