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Quonset Huts & Other Unique Home Designs

If you really want visitors to remember your home, and architecture magazines to feature it–or if you just enjoy coming home to a unique, innovative abode every day–a non-traditional home design may be ideal for you. For individuals who want more than the traditional ranch house, and those with an independent streak and creative flair, there’s a world of alternative home designs to consider. Can you picture yourself living in a new custom home that has elements of a hut, a loft, a tiny house, tree house or a yurt? If you believe in taking the road less traveled, the off-beat homes described here may appeal to you.

What’s a Quonset Hut, Anyway?

Quonset huts were first valued for their simple construction, durability and low building costs. The original prefab corrugated steel Quonsets were light and easy to transport to the desired site, yet strong and sturdy. Today, Quonset hut houses can go high-end. Typically the unique arch or half-circular shape serves as both walls and ceiling, with windows and entrances on both ends. In other cases, the quonset’s domed section acts as the roof and one wall, while a normal vertical wall is used opposite.

Quonset hut homes are often made of metal and glass, while some designs even have household siding covering the front and back exterior walls, around the windows. These homes often blend well with the surrounding scenery, since the rounded roof/wall combos mimic natural shapes more than a traditional squared-off home. We’ve used the humble quonset hut as an example, but there are many more oddly beautiful and completely unique home design ideas you can explore…

Unique home designs can be patterned after, or can combine elements from, a:

Tree house
Shipping container
Flying saucer
Ski lodge
Geodesic dome
Soccer ball
industrial building 
You name it!

For those desiring a new custom home outside of typical styles like Craftsman, Colonial or Mid-Century Modern, consider one of the above unique home design options as an alternative. Let the one-of-a-kind homes referenced here inspire you to create your very own custom WV home with Miller’s Custom Creations. We offer custom home design and new construction along with related services like remodeling projects for kitchen, bathroom or basement, new additions, exterior hardscapes, custom decks, outdoor kitchens, garage construction, guest houses and more.

If You Can Dream it, We Can Create It.

With the right builder at your side, you can use nearly any structure as a model for a custom-built, comfortable and stylish home. We can build from scratch something that may exist only in your mind’s eye. As WV home design experts and master builders, we can suggest some features, layout options and materials you might never have heard of. That’s what we’re here for! When you need creative home design and superb construction, call on us. Contact Miller’s Residential Creations for a FREE consultation today! Let’s get started on your new landmark home.

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