Five Great Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Some of the most important areas to get right in a home are the bathrooms. A good-looking bathroom can make all the difference when you are trying to sell a home or just give yours a new look. To get a bathroom to look as beautiful as you want it while still remaining fully functional, there are a number of things you can do. We have collected five great ideas that can turn your bathroom into your favorite room in the house.

The Right Sink

Choosing the right sink can have a huge impact on your bathroom. This is especially true if you have limited amounts of space. If your bathroom is small, the last thing you want is to have a large sink taking up all your room. A great idea is to turn to a pedestal sink. These sinks look lovely and are made of a number of different materials that are sturdy and can last a long time.

A pedestal sink will open up room in your bathroom while still allowing you to have all the functionality that you need.

A Modern Touch

Adding a modern touch to your bathroom is a quick and inexpensive way to give it a new look. It is simple to exchange your faucet heads and other hardware for sleek steel ones that can bring the whole room into the 21st century. You can also select hanging lamps in stainless steel, and a simple, bare mirror to enhance the modern look. You can balance this modern look with a few ornate pieces that are eye-catching and can become the centerpiece of your sink space or wall space.

Lots of Light

You want as much light as possible in a bathroom, especially if it is on the small side or if it does not have any windows. The best way to do this is to add both task lighting and ambient lighting. Using mirrors opposite the lights or windows can be a great way to make the room appear brighter without having to add any more lamps.

New Color Scheme

Never underestimate the change that a new paint job can create. This idea is inexpensive and can be accomplished in one weekend, making it an ideal one for people who do not have time for a complete bathroom remodel. Depending on how large your bathroom is, there are lots of paint options. Remember that for a smaller bathroom, the lighter the color scheme is, the larger the room will appear.

Play with Textures

Some of the most beautiful bathrooms are those that are not afraid to mix and match textures. Tiles and wood complement each other perfectly, as does a wall of mosaics and steel hardware. Having a few different textures can add dimensions to a room without overwhelming it, so you can make bold choices like bronze sinks and tiled walls. It is important to have well-placed lighting, however, to enhance the changes in texture and style.

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