Custom vs Cookie-Cutter Part 2: Why Custom Matters

Are you an individualist? Are you creative? Do you have a unique vision of your future? Do you never settle, and rarely compromise? Do you go your own way, rather than follow the crowd? If so, a custom home will likely appeal to your imaginative nature. Custom matters to people who truly value their everyday surroundings.

A custom home is a gift that you give to yourself and your family. It will be your home base, where you return to recharge, relax and be comfortable, but also to entertain and have fun. It will be the place that will renew your energy and provide inspiration for your life journeys and dreams. It will be a frame in which you can build memories that enrich your future life. This is why custom homes matter.

The Problems with Cookie-Cutter Homes

It’s very likely that existing homes you’ve seen are never quite right for your needs. Even newly constructed homes—in fact, especially new construction—leaves you cold. These pre-built or pre-owned houses are not interesting. Pre-fab homes hold limited potential, because they were designed to appeal to (or be acceptable to) a generic consumer who doesn’t really exist.

Not only do these cookie-cutter homes look much alike, they also often come with restrictions limiting the changes you can make as part of a particular gated (or un-gated) community. It’s difficult to add any individuality to these homes, even over time. If you’re frustrated with the current home market, you’ll find building your own custom home to be very satisfying. You’ll find living daily, in a home that sprang from your personal vision, is very inspiring and satisfying.

Cookie cutter homes were designed by developers based on their vision. Most homeowners settle for these designs and usually are not 100% satisfied with one or more parts of the home. They may later customize these homes through remodeling and home additions, made over time.

What’s So Special About Custom Homes?

 Nearly everything, including:

  • The experience of creating your own house, with a custom layout, and the features and style you prefer, can be exciting and satisfying. (Also, you’ll learn quite a bit about architecture and the various construction crafts during the process, if you’re interested. If you’re not interested in the minutia, never fear, you can rest assured that your design and build firm is managing those details.) Choosing an experienced builder that you trust, and enjoy working with, is of course crucial in custom home building.
  • Pride in your achievement. You’ll have so much to discuss with friends, family and visitors, talking about how and why you chose all the unique elements of your home. They’ll have plenty of questions for you about your thoughtfully designed and expertly built, bespoke home.
  • Options. You’ll have a world of choices for even the tiniest aspects of your new custom home. (If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry, your builder can present the best options based upon your taste and style. Then he or she can help you understand the pros and cons of your choices–like maintenance needs, cost, durability and more. This way, you can move forward confidently, and get the custom home result you really want.)
  • Details just as you want them. When you open a kitchen drawer, flip on a living room light switch or use your custom bathroom sink, all these details will feel just right. If you have custom made clothing that makes you feel completely confident and supremely comfortable, you understand this feeling. Now imagine living in it!
  • Heirloom value. If you plan to keep your self-created home in your family over time, it will become part of your family legend, passed down over generations into the future. If you should decide to sell, custom homes have great value, due to their uniqueness and high quality workmanship.
  • Choosing your sweet spot. You’re much more likely to live in a location and environment that suits you with a custom build. You can choose land that is in the school district you prefer, if that’s what’s important to you. You can choose the terrain and type of view you want–and more.
  • Day-to-day joy. Living in a home you created is very gratifying. It’s pure enjoyment, with no frustration like you’d have dealing with aspects of a generic house that don’t suit your needs.

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