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Creative Lighting For Your Custom Home

The importance of great lighting cannot be overstated in luxury home design. Creative lighting completes and enhances your custom home environment, whether you employ it to set a mood, serve a purpose, or make a statement. Selecting the right lighting for all the custom niches and grand salons throughout your home can seem daunting. Here, we’ll simplify the process with a few unique custom home lighting ideas.

Multi-Directional Lighting:
Ideal for effectively lighting today’s popular open floor plans, installing multiple lighting fixtures further customizes your great room. Although these expansive spaces clearly call for multiple lighting fixtures, placement and spacing should be carefully planned. You might select a modern minimalist set of recessed lighting fixtures, plus a chandelier near the entry and perhaps another near the fireplace. Another multi-directional option is the multi-headed lamp, where each light can be directed, or the entire group arranged, freely–as needed or desired in the moment.

Integrated Lighting:
Lighting that frames a mirror or even LEDs incorporated into the mirror’s edges works well in a variety of living spaces, especially the bath, dressing room, or bedroom. LEDs are great for bathrooms or makeup counters in the bedroom or dressing room, since they produce bright white lighting. Lighting can also be embedded in staircases, following the line of the banister, within the wall next to the steps, or a flush fixture placed inside each step.

Pendant lights come in a world of unique designs, colors, shade shapes, and materials. They are terrific for illuminating a peninsula or island/eating bar area. Pendants (extending from the ceiling) bring focus, highlighting the area below and adding a design element as well. For an unconventional use, consider a pendant in the boudoir, placed over each bedside table. This option, instead of the traditional table lamp, gives you more space on the (usually rather small) table for your book or glass of water.

In addition to the great room suggestions above, chandeliers work well in the formal dining room, of course. Placing a chandelier in the bathroom and/or walk-in closet/dressing room elevates these spaces from necessary room to palatial spa.

Accent Lighting: 
Accent lighting brings attention to a particular area or item, creating a focal point for the room. Lighting placed symmetrically on either side of a painting is one example. You can focus on less traditional items as well. For instance, bring out the woodgrain in an exquisite piece of furniture or amazing custom closet doors with focused, non-glaring lighting.

Task Lighting:
Don’t forget areas that need practical, dedicated lighting. Practical does not have to be boring. Install recessed, can lights (as just one example) above the kitchen prep counter, above the window seat in the bay window, and/or above the comfy overstuffed chair in the reading corner or library.

Mother Nature:
Sunlight is nature’s gift—and you can bring more of it into your custom home by adding windows or skylights to brighten any corner naturally. A skylight in the shower can be transformative. Consider a group of 3 skylights in the center of a larger, windowless room, in the den or to brighten a children’s’ playroom for example.

Effortlessly Customize Your Home’s Lighting — with Expert Guidance

Your home’s structure, furnishings, and interior décor are important, but don’t forget to pay equal attention to custom lighting as an essential element for the truly luxurious custom home. Your design-build firm will have even more custom lighting ideas keyed to your home’s floorplan, architectural style, and your personal taste. Your designer can create sophisticated layers of lighting to illuminate each space perfectly. Let the creative lighting ideas of a true professional bring your custom home to life!

Talk to your WV custom homebuilder about incorporating these ideas, with your own unique twist, into your bespoke home design. For more creative custom home lighting design options, contact our experienced design-build firm, Miller’s Residential Creations based in Martinsburg, today.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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