Aging In Place: 15 Common Features for Retirees

Aging-in-place home upgrades are also referred to as universal home design. No matter which term you use, this means making your home safe, comfortable, and attractive for people of all ages, at all levels of mobility. Creating a living space that makes life easier is another way of looking at this type of remodel. As experienced custom home builders in West Virginia, our team can create a home (or do a remodel or retrofit) that perfectly suits your family’s needs.

Consider these aging-in-place home upgrades to make life easier and add to your home’s value: 

  • Improve single-floor living options. Having a master bedroom with attached bath and dressing room (which offers more open space to maneuver than a closet) is ideal.
  • Widen doorways. Make hallways and entryways wider, offering ease of movement for anyone with a wheelchair or walker.
  • Consider pocket doors. They help save space and stay out of your way when open.
  • Install multi-level kitchen counters and bathroom vanities. This allows you to sit comfortably while cooking or grooming.
  • Redesign the kitchen entirely. We can design your kitchen space with enough floor area so that you can move around easily in a wheelchair. We can include an eating bar at the exact height comfortable for your needs, or do multilevel to accommodate an entire family. Your cooktop and oven can be installed exactly where you prefer, at any comfortable height. We can install upper and/or lower cabinets that are easy to reach and open/close. We can ensure that drawers and cabinets open/close smoothly and quietly–and that every custom piece looks terrific.
  • Revamp closets or add dressing rooms. Install custom shelving, cubbies, smooth-glide drawers, and closet rods, so everything is in easy reach. Once your custom closet or dressing room is completed, you’ll thank yourself at least twice a day for commissioning it.
  • Move electrical switches and outlets lower, or install motion sensors. If you prefer, you can also get familiar with using an Alexa or Siri (or similar) or mobile app that can turn on/off lights, appliances, etc. with a voice command.
  • Add more lighting. Eliminate dark corners in the house to help avoid tripping or bumping into furniture if you have mobility issues, poor night vision, or just want a brighter home. We can install recessed ceiling lighting, wall sconces, etc. to illuminate your living area!
  • Change door hardware. Lever-style door handles are often easier to grip than round doorknobs–and don’t require a twist to open. This can make things easier for individuals with arthritis or hand mobility issues.
  • Install a deck and/or ramp. This could also be a porch, level with the home’s entry. Our team can make a plan, provide options, and build attractive and functional home entry and/or exit solutions that perfectly suit your home’s style and your needs.
  • Improve bathroom safety with new or added fixtures. Let a professional builder and designer install attractive and functional grab bars next to your tub or in the shower. Consider adding a teak bench to sit on while you shower. New faucets and shower controls, with easy-to-use handles and knobs, are also helpful. There are many styles to choose from!
  • Redesign the bath completely. Remodel your bath to fit your needs. For example, we can design and install a modern walk-in shower, even with the bathroom floor, for easy in and out. We can integrate a shower bench into the wall of the shower and install multiple showerheads or massage jets at different heights to provide options. We could also enlarge the doors, make the sinks/vanities at any height you need, and configure the space so there’s plenty of room for mobility.
  • Non-skid flooring or low-pile carpet. Choose a type of flooring that is both attractive and safe. There are many options that offer traction due to the material or an added texture. Indoor-outdoor carpet comes offers many color and design options, has low or no pile, and won’t move or wrinkle like a throw rug when properly installed.
  • Redesign the home office or craft area. These activities don’t have to stop as we age. We can design these spaces so that you can easily use them, with your craft table or desk at the ideal height for your needs. Or we can integrate the work table with the wall, so there’s less furniture in your way.
  • And more!

How to Get Started with Custom Aging-in-Place Features for Your WV Home

To get started, go through your home, room by room. Note any possible tripping or slipping hazards, and find the areas that are difficult to access and maintain. When you choose an experienced Berkeley County home remodeling contractor, your completed home upgrades will function smoothly, fit  and enhance the overall design of your house, and never look out-of-place.

Universal home design with aging-in-place features, when done well, can also improve your home’s value for the future. Our experienced team can provide valuable home remodeling advice, custom design, and expert contracting services, with universal design in mind.

Make your life at home effortless (as it should be) with aging-in-place updates to your property, or that of a loved one. Contact the aging-in-place, design-and-build experts at Miller’s Residential Creations today.

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