5 Trade-Offs to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

The kitchen tends to be the center of a home, where you spend lots of quality time, even if you’re not a gourmet cook. A great kitchen can also improve your home’s resale value. These facts make a terrific kitchen remodel the dream of many homeowners. Still, everyone has constraints they must work within, which can make that dream kitchen harder to realize. You may not have the budget you’d like, or you many not have the space you’d truly desire, so a bit of compromise is often in order.

Here are some of the trade-offs you might consider to help you create the best possible kitchen for your WV home:

1. Speed –or– Quality?

If you’re going to give up the use of your kitchen for awhile, you naturally want your remodel completed as soon as possible. But you don’t want to cut corners, or use completely generic, off-the-shelf materials. With an expert home remodeling contractor at your side, you won’t have to make a painful compromise. You can have both a reasonably quick turnaround on your new kitchen, and a creative, functional kitchen design, customized to fit your needs and taste. Remember, you only want to do this once, so doing it right (and to your liking) makes sense. Otherwise (if you compromise) you’ll spend the next several years regretting what you skimped on, just to get a quick remodel.

2. Bright and Open –or– Plenty of Storage Cabinets?

There’s nowhere that storage is more important than in the kitchen, yet too many cabinets might make your space appear cramped, right? Open kitchens are in, but you must have kitchen items stored conveniently, where you need them, to make daily life easier. You can avoid this compromise with clever kitchen design from an experienced kitchen remodeler. Your WV kitchen remodeling contractor can easily balance your need for breathing space with a slew of handy cabinets. We can create cabinets in custom sizes to fit every corner and/or reach right up to the ceiling. We can also include cabinets in an island and offer more storage solutions that preserve the open, airy atmosphere of your new kitchen.

3. Form –or– Function?

Most of the typical kitchen remodeling budget goes toward the user-friendliness and functional aspects of a kitchen, and the aesthetics take a back seat. If you splurge on costly, upscale finishes and custom cabinets, you may regret getting a tiny oven or fridge, to balance the remodeling budget. On the other hand, if the lovely finishes will make you smile every time you enter the kitchen, and you have a small family (so small appliances work fine) – you might prioritize those stunning finishes and hardware. A skilled kitchen designer and builder can help you create a kitchen that will serve you well.

4. Happy Homebody –or– Endless Entertainer?

Which of these matches your personality and kitchen needs? If you have a large family or enjoy having groups of friends and colleagues over for dinner, you may need a walk-in pantry, lots of counter/prep space, a large fridge plus a wine fridge. If you like the look of those things, but are truly a solo diner or cozy couple, you might consider reallocating your budget to the appliance list and size you really need. Careful thought and pre-planning will ensure you get a kitchen that works for you.

5. Short Term Savings –or– Long Term Value?

Focus on getting the most from a limited budget by choosing an established builder with a lean, yet talented and experienced team. This way you’ll avoid paying for national advertising and other “big-company overhead”–and you’ll also get the best service from dedicated, local contractors who care about serving the community. Experienced remodelers, like the team at Miller’s Residential Creations, also save you time and money by offering multiple services under one roof, so you won’t need to hire separate companies to install appliances, do plumbing and build cabinets. We could also save you money by, for example, simply refacing cabinets (rather than replacing them) and using that part of the budget for higher end flooring, counters or appliances. Let us guide you to solutions that don’t require you to give up too much, so that you can get the kitchen you really want.

How to Avoid Unnecessary Compromises in Your Kitchen Remodel

You don’t need to settle! Your kitchen is too important an investment to compromise. Instead, work with the local kitchen remodeling experts at Miller’s Residential Creations to build the kitchen of your dreams. We help you make trade-offs that don’t feel like compromise. We can offer you the best options, and help you make the right choices, to create a kitchen you will love for decades to come. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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