5 Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

It is time to start implementing some of your New Year resolutions. Things need to change. Remodeling your kitchen was going to be one of those goals you wanted to have accomplished before the end of the first quarter. Admittedly, yours are busy days, but you can always create time to attend to matters you consider to be important. Your kitchen needs a fresh look, and you need to be aware of some of the modern kitchen remodeling ideas you can use in 2018. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Blue is the Color to Choose

When it comes to the issue of remodeling your kitchen, blue seems to be the color whose time has come. From teal to powder blue and cobalt blue, today’s homeowner appears to have discovered this cool and bright color. Blue is a versatile hue, and darker shades will help you create the right feel for your dream kitchen. You needed to become bold and forceful this year; this is the color that aligns with your goal.

Let Your Island Work Harder For You

Whether the cooking space is a little squeezed or spacious, incorporating an island or two is an idea you want to consider. If the area is relatively large, you can have two islands. These allow you to incorporate dining into the cooking space. The structure also serves as a storage area. Consider adding a small sink, and you will have everyone lending you a hand during food preparation.

Open Shelving Helps You Make a Statement

Open shelving is increasingly becoming a popular modern kitchen remodeling idea. Consider placing a few small accessories or even deluxe food items on the shelves. Open shelving enables you to add your personality to the room and make a statement. A bright, airy kitchen is the most suitable setting for using indoor plants. Succulents and hanging Ivy will do super fine. Make use of internal lighting to give the meal preparation space a living-room feel.

Handless Doors are out; Handles are Back

Handless doors remained popular throughout 2017, but things have changed. Handles are becoming a hot feature once again. You want to have brilliant ornate handles on modern cupboards. For shaker style kitchens, bright coppers or rose golds work best. You will have obtained a perfect alternative to the more common stainless steel. You might also want to match your accessories and appliances to the gold and copper accents.

You Want a Smart Kitchen

A boiling water tap is a must-have in a modern kitchen. You also want to have Wi-Fi-ready appliances which enable you to control your kitchen from afar. Steam ovens help you to do your cooking fast. You need to have surfaces that have integrated mobile phone charging. Integrated music and lighting conveniently controllable through one central hub will make the place a lot nicer.

What other kitchen remodeling ideas do you have? Consult your remodeling professional; they might have other great ideas that will make your cooking space look fabulous.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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