3 Things to Do After a Remodel

An experienced home remodeling contractor will finish off your renovation project (on time and on budget, of course) with a final walk-through. This is your opportunity to look, together, for any minor imperfections in the work that may need to be polished up. Your contractor will complete this list of items ASAP. After this, your remodel is completed. You can now relax and enjoy your home’s new features, increased comfort and upgraded appearance. Here are a few things you might want to take care of, just before you put your feet up.

1. Clean Up and Refurnish

While the best renovation contractors won’t leave you any major cleanup, you may still want to eliminate any construction-related dust. Your contractor will have separated the reno project from the rest of the home, with plastic tarp “walls” and cardboard over the floors. Workers will use shoe covers when they walk through your home, as well–you may still find some telltale dust in your home. You may need to do a final cleanup. Then you’re ready to bring back in your old (or shop for new) area rugs, drapes and furniture. You’ll also need to re-hang artwork, mirrors and more. Depending upon the level of service you signed up for, your contractor may handle some (or all) of this interior design and handyman work for you, or can recommend service providers and housecleaners to complete these activities.

2. Understand Maintenance and Register Warranties

Collect manufacturer’s instruction manuals (or bookmark online links/websites) for all the new products, finishes and appliances installed in your home during the remodel. You can also ask your remodeler (or check relevant manuals) for recommended special care and cleaning products for new surfaces. Note any recommended upkeep on your calendar. You’ll want to get details about:

Protecting wood flooring: Add felt pads to the legs of all your furniture to protect your new floor. Ask your remodeler about recommended floor cleaners and other care tips. Get a mat for your front porch and other entryways, so that you’re less likely to get your new floors excessively dirty with tracked-in mud, pebbles, etc.

Stone upkeep: When water stops beading up on your stone finishes, it’s time for resealing. Ask your remodeling contractor for any advice about resealing marble, granite and other natural stone tile and countertops, to prevent stains or color changes over time.

Changing filters: If you’ve had a new HVAC system installed, remember to regularly change your air filter. (Even if you didn’t get a new system, change furnace or AC filters right after a renovation, since they will have collected a lot of airborne dust and debris.)

Warranty coverage: A reputable remodeling contractor stands behind their work. Make sure you understand warranties on work/labor, along with manufacturer warranties on new products in your home. Make sure to care for products/surfaces as manufacturers recommend, so that you won’t invalidate your warranty.

Updating insurance: If you’ve added value (or square footage) to your home, you may need to change your homeowner’s insurance to make sure everything is covered.

3. Invite and Enjoy

Now is the time to invite friends and family over, to admire and try out your new home upgrades. Before everyone arrives, take photos (or a video) of your newly re-designed space in its brand-new, untouched condition.

At Miller’s Residential Creations, we help you choose products and finishes that suit your taste and lifestyle. We will recommend long-lasting products and building materials that require the least amount of upkeep on your part. We also manage our construction and renovation projects efficiently, to ensure we finish on time and don’t leave a mess behind. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Contact us online to plan your remodel today–or call us at 304-918-0007.

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