3 Things That Take the Longest During a Remodel

From the moment you start planning your home remodeling project or new home addition, you’re already envisioning the finished product. So it’s natural to wonder just how long the renovation project will take. Of course, there are a number of phases to any home renovation. Here we’ll let you in on some trade secrets, with a guide to the parts of a renovation (and types of remodeling requests) that take the longest to complete. Once these building phases are done, it’s typically smooth sailing to the happy ending of your WV home remodel.

Bespoke Custom Cabinets

Whether for your kitchen, bath, bedroom or elsewhere in the home, the luxury of designing your kitchen storage space in just the configuration you desire is highly sought-after. Exercising your creativity, and having cabinets built to fit your exact specifications and style requirements, will take time. The quickest kitchen cabinet remodel uses stock cabinets, which may not extend all the way to your ceiling or have the exact door detail you’d ideally like. Building to a custom size is one thing, but sourcing a special type of wood is another, and can take time as well. When you work with an experienced, well-established WV builder and remodeling contractor, however, we have valuable connections in the industry to source materials needed and the talent to custom, fabricate any style you like. Whether you’re guided by your imagination, inspired by a home found in Architectural Digest or devoted to the historical style of your home, bespoke cabinetry is a luxury you will never regret.

The Finished Basement Dream Space

A terrific place to let your imagination run wild is in redesigning or finishing your basement. Depending on how rough your basement is to being with, and how much finishing needs to be done, your basement remodel could take 2 months or more. If it’s necessary to waterproof the space, install plumbing, extend electrical and then put in drywall and floors, you can see why this is one of the longest remodeling projects of all. There is a terrific upside to a finished basement, whether you want a man cave, kid’s play room, family game room, den or extra bedrooms, you’ll add more living space (and thus value) to your home. When all is said and done, you won’t regret those 8 weeks or more.

Restoring Vintage Glory or Updating an Older Home

If you’re considering remodeling, restoring, or renovating a home more that is than a quarter-century old, you’ll need to allow more time than you would for a newer home renovation. Older homes may require quite a bit of retrofitting, before renovation can even begin. Bringing old functional features up to code is essential, but time consuming. Permits and inspections are of course also required—and must be figured into the home restoration timeline. If historical architectural features must be re-created (or located and refurbished) by our talented craftsmen, and compatible materials sourced, more time is needed. Sourcing period fixtures, in art deco, Victorian or mid-century modern style, for example, requires time as well. Most historical homes also have windows and doors of non-standard dimensions as well, requiring custom fitting or creation from scratch.

Put Your WV Home Remodel in Expert Hands

Hopefully this blog post has helped to prepare you for the time commitment that your home renovation may require, but don’t be discouraged. Trust us, it will truly be worth the wait! At Miller’s Residential Creations, we manage our remodeling projects carefully and efficiently, for the quickest completion–with the least possible disruption of your home life. Our supplier connections also help us gather materials more quickly than you might think. And our many years of design and build experience allow us to anticipate (and help prevent) any delays, so that your remodel is done on time and on budget.  Want to get started planning your remodel today? Contact us online today or call 304-918-0007 now.

Brian Miller is the owner of Miller's Residential Creations, a custom home builder and remodeling company servicing Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties of West Virginia since 2004.
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