“With a truly “custom” build, you’re getting exactly want you want. You’re getting your dream home.” – Brian Miller

Miller’s Residential Creations has been building custom homes in and around the Eastern Panhandle since 2004. We’ve built homes of all shapes and sizes: ranchers, colonials, elderly-friendly homes and so much more. Sometimes our clients come to us prepared with plans, goals, and schematics. Other times clients will come to us with an idea of what they want – but don’t have floor plans or schematics. Whatever the case, we work one-on-one with potential new home homeowners to help them create their dream home. Whether you already have a plan in mind or are starting from scratch, we’re here to help.

Custom Homes Built in Martinsburg, WV

Perhaps the biggest reason to have your new home custom built is the ability to fully control features your home will or won’t have. You can decide the style of your home, appliances you want, cabinetry, layouts, etc… We of course guide you through this entire process, offering options and recommendations along the way.

It’s Not Just for the Rich & Famous

Most people think that they could never afford a custom built home, but it can be a more affordable option than you may think. Another huge benefit to building custom is the ability to work directly within your own budget. Your custom builder of choice will guide you through the mountain of different choices you have, keeping in mind your budget, needs, and wants for the project.

You will both work together to create a home that you love… and one that you can afford!

Don’t Settle for Less – Get Started on Your Dream Home Today!

Building your dream home will take careful planning and consideration. You may not have all of the answers now, and that’s OK. If you’ve ever thought about building your own home, the best first step you could take is calling Miller’s Residential Creations. We’re on standby to field all of your thoughts, concerns, goals, and aspirations for your new home. Give us a call at (304) 918-0007.